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October 2, 2012

Spelling City

Vocabulary and spelling made fun
I always thought that Spelling City was a paid subscription type of thing...  it's NOT!

Yesterday after school we had a grade level collaboration time and my dear sweet team set me straight on how wonderful it is.  

You see, every trimester I update my students' homework options for spelling on their homework reminder sheet.

For Monday through Wednesday homework this past 
trimester it was the normal...
*3 times each
*ABC order
*Sentences, Story, or a Poem
*If they had an option they asked me first to see if it would count.

I give choices because I want them to want to practice spelling.

Thursday is ALWAYS a practice test.

The main thing was to work with the words to "hopefully" get it into their brains so it showed in their everyday writing.  

Enter Spelling City...

I created a free account and copy/pasted my spelling lists for the coming unit onto my homepage.  It wasn't hard, the lists were already on my computer.

Now my students will be able to choose one of those games or activities to work with their words.  Click the image above to head on over to the site to check them out.

I love how easy life really can be when I let others help me out. :)

Hope you had a good day!

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  1. I love Spelling City. I would have my students actually take the test on it and print it out (I gave four different levels of words). No checking for me and instant feedback!! I told my students that I would upgrade to the paid membership with better games if everyone got an A on their tests during the same week. Last year, they achieved that in October :) Have fun!

    Fifth in the Middle


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