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November 25, 2012

3, 2, 1 - Week #3

Last week my 3 goals were to get prepped for December, to clean out the home clutter, and make good food choices.... Well, as of this moment my school bag has yet to be opened for the past week, but my home has been cleaned out, and I'm happy with the decisions I made.

I did have a wonderful week of vacation.  Of course I did.  I love vacation!  It was an eventful week.  We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese to play the games, had a ton of movie nights, did build a fort, we painted toast for breakfast, and I did make Cranberry Orange bread.  We did decorate for Christmas - this year I went through the boxes before we stuck everything up and ended up clearing out some clutter in them as well.  I love how my house looks.  :)

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day too.  Well, not in the morning... our car battery died and it cost $120 plus tax to replace it.  We didn't know exactly where that extra money was going to come from - car issues are never in the budget.  Later on in the afternoon  I took the dog and my 6 year old for a walk in our neighborhood and found $130 on the sidewalk.  I took it to the nearest home and knocked.  No one answered.  Took it home and later on my husband went to also knock.  Still no answer.  We're taking it as a blessing.  God met our needs.

Okay, onto this upcoming week...

3 goals

*School goal - This week I really do want to make sure I'm all planned for December.  We only have 3 weeks until our next LONG Christmas vacation.  

*Home goal -  I hope to be able to finish Christmas shopping.  We are so close to being done. 
*Personal goal - I need to remember to drink all my water this coming week.  When it gets cold I don't think about it.  I'm barely getting 3 to 4 glasses a day (compared to the 12 I drink when it's warm.)  Just something for me to work on.  

2 things I'm looking forward to

*Writing conference this coming Friday!  It's a 4 day week for me! :)  I'm excited to spend time during school hours learning something new.  We don't really have much of a writing curriculum in our district, everyone does their own thing.  I'm glad to get new ideas.  

*I'm excited about helping my parents decorate their house for Christmas next Saturday.  Even with the past decade of decorating our own house, it's still fun to help my parents.  That feels like tradition, and I love traditions.  So many of their decorations are the same ones that I've seen since childhood.  

1 thing I want to try
Easy Button for the Classroom - Where to get it and ways to use it
Laura Candler has a blog post all about using the easy button in her classroom.  Click the button above to head to her website.  I picked one up during break for school.  I'm excited to put it by the computers so the kids can press it once they pass AR tests or get 100% on their regular tests.  After years of seeing them, I had no clue that it could talk.  Good to know!  

Have a wonderful week!  

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