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November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Spoon Puppets

This past weekend I found this activity on Teachers Pay Teachers.  My class needs to work on dialogue and editing sentences with quotation marks.  So I decided to have them create skits using spoon puppets for their writing this week.  Yes, I know... I'm drifting from the typical Turkey Persuasion Essay that I would normally do.    

I printed off just the sheet from this free activity that contained 2 Native American children, 2 Pilgrim children, and a turkey.  My own son colored my sample and we attached it to white plastic spoons.

I put 5 spoons into each bag for my students - I thought that by sticking them inside a sandwich bag we will be able to keep their individual characters together.  The plan is to have them decorate their puppets today, and as they are creating they are going to brainstorm how these 5 characters are going to interact.  

They will then get a chance to create a skit that must include all 5 characters and each character must somehow speak at least 3-5 times (even the turkey).  These will be short skits, not more than a couple of minutes long, and I will want them to present to the class by Thursday afternoon/Friday morning.

I have a trifold board that will be perfect for them to sit behind and show off their skit, and then I will be able to have a quick grade to see if they were able to use quotation marks correctly by looking at their dialogue.

Click the link above to head over to TPT to pick up this free activity.  There are other outfits available as well, I just chose the Thanksgiving page to use for this week.           

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