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November 5, 2012

Double Digit Multiplication and a Comprehension Freebie

We started double digit multiplication today.  

I survived.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily this class got it.

The past couple of weeks we have been reviewing 4 x 1 digit equations, then we worked on x10 patterns, then multiples of 10's.

So today when I stuck this type of problem on the board they started to slightly freak out until I broke it down for them.  Then they thought it was super easy.

Some of the kiddos said they learned the other way last year (You know - the criss cross way).  I told them that we would also learn the other way soon, but that to begin with we would be simply breaking up the problem into 2 separate problems, then we would add them together.  I want them to understand the why behind it before I just start having them multiply all over.  

Step 1: Multiply x ones

Step 2: Multiple x tens

Step 3: Add them together

I told them that they could definitely do the problems the way they "thought" they knew how to do it, but if they got the answer wrong, that meant they had to do it my way the next time.  Many of them ended up doing it MY way the next time.  

So yes, on their whiteboards they wrote down the "real" problem, then next to it they broke down Step 1 (x ones), Step 2 (x tens), they put the arrows to move it under the real problem, and then they added.  They were able to catch their mistakes with adding and multiplying when they went step by step.  They learned they need a lot of space to work the problems and that they would need to write all 3 problems on an extra piece of binder paper tonight for homework since I wanted to see EVERY SINGLE STEP.  It's a process, right?

By the end of the day they were getting all the answers right - at least the majority of the class was, and most everyone was able to honestly give themselves a "4" on the reflection aspect of the lesson.  

How I do the reflection piece is just having them write their number on their whiteboard.  Since the boards are just pointed towards me and the other kids really can't see the other boards it's not a big deal - quick up and down...

Here is the link at Google Docs if you want a copy for yourself.  

Since this is something I made 
(and you all know how non-computer literate I am)
I'm linking up with Tara over at her Monday Made It!

Tomorrow is 3 digit x 2 digit :)  Fun fun!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! I love the idea:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind words! My students love it too. :)

  3. I am a parent of a college age student who was not taught well when in K-12. You have distilled the issue he needs to process for himself down to its essence. Thanks for what you are doing for students!


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