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November 7, 2012

Day of rest... with a toddler :)

I took today off.

I needed a break and I actually had a good reason.

I haven't been feeling good this past week and yesterday I basically knew exactly why some teachers start to drink.  I considered turning in my resignation letter and then I considered early retirement.  I'm only 34 people - that would be early early retirement... 

Yeah, none of those are real options for me.

So it was time for a sick day.  Cough cough... sniff sniff - actually the coughing and sniffing are real, I'm on the mend though - lots of hot tea with honey have helped.
My little helper today :)  
I stayed home with my baby today.  He isn't really a baby - he is 2 1/2, but he will always be my baby.

This afternoon he is having his transitional meeting from the county speech program to the school district program.  The county program ends when he turns 3, and the school district has their own assessment team that will determine how often he will receive services.

He has come so far, but still has a way to go.

For the past 20 months we have had his "teachers" come to our house 3x a week.  They have become part of the family over all this time.  When we first started getting help for him he had just turned one year.  He wasn't crawling yet, didn't say any words, and was just having a hard time.  We went through all the insurance hoops - they had to deny their own services for the county program to help him.  We've gone from having a physical therapist and cognitive teacher each week (with speech once a month), to now having his cognitive teacher and his speech teacher each come for an hour each week (and his physical therapist monitors progress on a quarterly basis).  

Today will determine if he qualifies for services through the district (which he should) and how much time he will be able to get some extra help.  I wonder how much he will talk today with these strangers.  I wonder how his assessment scores will be thrown off by shyness.  I want him to show off with all the words that he does now know, but I want them to see that he does need help.  

I'm not looking forward to him getting older.  I am comfortable with his "friends" that come each week.  I know they care about him.  I know how the system at the moment works, and I don't understand what the future holds.  I'm worried about strangers passing judgment on my child, not seeing his potential... so many questions to ask this afternoon, so many opportunities to feel like an idiot when I ask them.

Thanks for listening to me ramble...     


  1. I hope your visit went well! Ask all the mama questions you need to. Don't worry about what others think!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. I did the SAME thing....only with my puppies and not a toddler!! :) I hope you get feeling better! Gotta love this time of year as a teacher!!

  3. It did go okay. I was thinking it would be assessment time, and it turned out it was just a meet/greet to set up assessment times for the next 4 weeks - 3 different appointments coming up, then an IEP is scheduled to discuss right before Christmas vacation. Lots of 1/2 days coming up so I can be there...


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