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November 28, 2012

End of Unit Review, Ordering Owl Pellets, and I WON!

This week we are finishing up the end of Unit 2.  Every Monday the kiddos write their definitions and draw pictures that go with each of their vocabulary words for that week's story.  They each have their own composition book.  It's nice and neat.  It's a routine.  

This week is the end of the Unit and they are getting ready to take their Reading Lions vocabulary test tomorrow.  Yesterday they created vocabulary cards for the entire unit - all 34 words - this was to reinforce for those visual learners that really need to see the definitions one more time.  They did so willingly because of the promise of using them for a game today.  
Now, I tend to become indecisive at times when it's "game" time.  I really couldn't make a decision between Charades, Pictionary, and Hangman - so I let them choose how they wanted to practice.  It was organized chaos, but it was wonderful to watch.  One side of the room held the kiddos using their cards and their whiteboards to draw pictures with a partner.  They took turns going back and forth.  The other side of the room also had kids with their cards and whiteboards and partners, but they were guessing with the typical hangman fashion.  Then in the front of the room, there were groups of 3's and 4's acting out the words.  They also had their cards.  Each child could be heard guessing the words, and then they had to say the definitions for their partners to hear.  Small groups allowed the students to have numerous turns.

Sometimes it pays to be indecisive.


Okay - onto the next thing... Last year I bought Owl Pellets and my class loved them.  This year the money has been extra slow rolling in, so I used it as incentive to have students try to donate something to help our class.  Since we now finally have enough for our field trip, it was time to order.  Since I bought from the company last year, and it was a great product, I wanted to share it with you. 

There really is a website for everything out there.  This is a family owned business that operates out of Washington.  I bought the Individual Bargain Bags (16 packages of them - $1.05 each) instead of buying standard or premium pellets (more $).  It's a bag of a lot of "stuff" and each bag has a ton of different bones to sort.  Last year I had 4 students share a bag and it worked, though it was a lot of hands in a small area.  This year I want them to work in partners and each have their own amount to take home.  Shipping is very reasonable.  They have a ton of pictures on their website, as well as bone sorting charts, and FAQ.  Check them out!


Last for today - I WON Tara's giveaway.  :)  That made my day yesterday, and it kept me smiling throughout today.  What did I win?
So many word-building options, so little time!
Then, as if life couldn't get any sweeter, she surprised me 
with her "Be Merry" banner!  Super cute!    

"Be Merry" Banner      

Life is good!  I've laminated about 80 sheets of all my goodies from TPT, and just bought 3 more packages of laminating sheets from Amazon.  They are on sale for $9.88 each at the moment.  

 3 Mil Clear Letter Size Thermal Laminating Pouches 9 X 11.5 Qty 100 (UNV84622)

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