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February 20, 2013

Figurative Language Lesson (for my Observation)

You know when you think everything will be perfect, that it will be great lesson, and then it didn't work out as planned?  Yeah, that happened today.  

The story this week is full of Figurative Language.  Maybe you have the same story, "McBroom and the Big Wind"?  It really is perfect to do a treasure hunt for the different types of figurative language.  Well this week is review week, so I thought to have a bit of fun with it today.  

My students first reviewed the different types of figurative language by watching this video from School Tube.   They loved it.  

We actually watched it twice - once before my observation really began, and then another time after it started.  The second time through they sang along with the chorus.

  I then gave them this paper (it's a freebie), and we defined the different types together - like I said, it was review - giving an example and drawing a little picture.  

I used these posters for review from Every New Beginning Blog

Figurative Language/Literary Devices Posters Freebie for You
She has everything ready to go with definitions and examples... Perfect!

So far, so good with the lesson...  

Then part of my students left for music, and it was like a stampede exited from the classroom.  I know I am extra sensitive during an observation, and usually they tip toe out... not today though!  

The part of my class that stayed with me continued on with a treasure hunt looking for personification and similes until it was time to write a response to literature complete with Author's Purpose.  I thought that we would be able to take a concept and then search for clues in the text - giving them time to make a little list before we reconvened - but they weren't quite there yet.  

Instead it turned into a "find it on this page", and then "put your finger on the example", so I could check their understanding, before we added it to the treasure hunt binder paper that was stapled to the above page (now take a deep breath)...  We still identified like I said in my objectives, and overall it was a decent lesson, it just wasn't in the exact way that I had dreamed it would be.    

I'm sure you can relate.

Hope you had a great day!

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