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February 17, 2013

President's Day Fun

We started celebrating President's Day a week ago when my students reviewed graphing coordinate points.  2 years ago I found functional mystery picture graphs on  At that time they were free, but now there is a membership fee.  Still worth it though!
Super Teacher Worksheets

I have the one for Abe and another one for George.  
Like I was saying, my students graphed Abe a week ago on Friday, and then last Friday they graphed George.  With the first graph I showed them an example of Abe so they could check their plots.  With George I wasn't that willing. I wanted to see if they really got it.  They did and they look awesome (and their self confidence has gone up).

Besides the graphing, this coming Tuesday we will compare and contrast Abe and George.  I'm going to give them this free coloring sheet and they will draw their Venn Diagram on the back of it.

Then after we brainstorm they will need to write a multi paragraph essay comparing and contrasting Abe and George.  It's motivation to finish since they then can color the cover of their book.  A quick staple to include their graphs and they have a book to take home to show their parents.  I love things that turn out to be easy!

Here's an art project that I loved doing with my school kids last year, 
as well as my home kids.  The picture below is of my 3 boys.

All you do is take a portrait of their heads - I try to have their heads fill up the camera screen.  After you print you (or they) cut out their images.  At school last year I had them stick their face on a paper plate and they painted over it with black paint.  It was messy and my room smelled of paint for a couple of days.  At home I cut them out and then we used a poster sized permanent marker to color it in.  It was so much easier using the black sharpie.  Definitely less messy.  Then you glue it onto a white background and it's done.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Love the pictures! They look so nice. Thank you for sharing!

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