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February 4, 2013

What I Bought and Monday Made It February

Here's some of what I bought yesterday (:  

I say some because taking screen shots of them 
wasn't working on some of it...

If interested, just click the pictures and it will take you 
to the different TPT stores.  

4th Grade Frolics Literature Love Conversations - 16 different prompts to get kids thinking...

 Miss Britnee - My kiddos are having a hard time with the difference between similes and metaphors - this has sorts, examples, writing all in one package.  

 Miss Britnee - I bought this because it takes everyday objects and turns it into a poem.

 Fun in Room 4B - Poke games are always so much fun... and we are just starting fractions!

Creative Classroom A to Z - These have been in my wish list forever... These standards have pictures that directly correspond to what the kids are asked to do... we are starting Common Core next year...

Miss Britnee - This was just funny!  I have my students do an inference lesson of the things in my purse - but love the idea of taking it a step further and sorting through neighbor's trash bags.  

 Oh Boy 4th Grade - I had to buy her math bundle pack.  I love her strategies and would like to start the idea of the 4 square method with my kiddos.  

So yeah, lots of stuff... I'm glad there was that extra discount!

So what have I made lately?  

My main creativity has been with products.  This past Saturday I made up Bow Wow Algebraic Equations.  It's 32 task cards... my kiddos did them this morning and they got them mostly correct.  I could tell that we need to work on 3 step equations - my last challenge type of cards that have parenthesis and multiplication and addition/subtraction.  The simpler ones with just one or two step they did a great job with.  

I also made my son a special birthday cake.  I know I shared it on Facebook, but I was really proud of it.  He just turned 3 and loves Blues Clues.  

I wish there was more Blues Clues stuff out there in the world... 
they aren't in stores anymore!

I'm linking up with both Blog Hoppin & My Journey to 5th Grade for their Sales Sharing and 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It.  Thank you for hosting ladies!

Hope you had an awesome Monday!


  1. I have to say your cake turned out adorable!! I love decorating cakes too--such a fun!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for linking up and I am your newest follower! Looks like you bought some great items!

    I have to know, did that blue frosting turn everyone's mouth blue? That happened to me when my girls were little!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  3. Ok, A) thanks for the shout out:) I hope your kids love the convo hearts:))) B) this post seriously made me When I saw the adorable Blue's Clues cake...awesome job, it reminded me of when my son was little....he is now 16 and 6'3"....boohoo!!!! Lol. Thanks for linking up and visiting my store:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Than, you so much for the shout out:) I hope you all like the Valentine Poke Game! That cake is precious:)


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