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February 15, 2013

Froggie Fraction Task Cards

My kiddos have been hard at work learning about fractions.  I mean, it wasn't a completely new concept since every grade works with fractions in some sort or another.  In the intermediate grades we focus on creating equivalent fractions, simplifying/reducing fractions, and then the big step of changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, and then improper back to mixed.  At least that's what we're teaching at this point in time...  

I have been hesitant to make up fraction cards since there are so many wonderful fraction activities already out there.  Activities that my students love and are playing with in the classroom during these past couple of weeks.  Why reinvent the wheel... then it occurred to me that out of all the wonderful games that I have for my kiddos, I don't have any task cards that are multiple choice (test prep season you know) and review all 4 of the initial concepts.  I say initial because next week we will dive into adding and subtraction fractions.

So I made up what I want my kids to use.  I'm used the cards as a quick assessment tool today - just an informal one to see how much they get it without me hovering over them.  Yay!  We get to move on next week!

32 Task Cards covering:
*Equivalent Fractions
*Simplifying/Reducing Fractions
*Changing Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
*Changing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers 
(8 cards in each category, multiple choice format)

...and of course an answer key is included since I love my answer keys.       

Maybe this will help someone else out there in Blogland.  

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