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February 9, 2013

Homo "Gnome" (Homonym) Words, Definitions, and Activities plus Giveaway!

Last night I got an idea in my head that wouldn't let me sleep, so I had to wake up early on a Saturday morning to put it together.  You see, my school kiddos have a hard time with homonyms.  They spell a word in the way that it sounds like, rather than with the actual spelling of the word.  I have some homonym games and activities at school that is great for those 20 sets of words that they contain.  I needed something bigger - more sets of words - for my kiddos.  

So I made it up myself.

I didn't know how I wanted to put it together until last night when I was perusing through my clipart and I asked my husband what he thought I should do with the adorable gnome... with his sense of humor he replied "Homo-Gnome" (Homonym).  Hardy har har... gotta love his sense of humor, I totally understand it, as do my own kids, and my school kiddos. 

It morphed this morning into an 88 page document with 256 (plus 3 more) word cards with definitions.  I was only going to have 100 total words, then it turned into 100+ sets of words - most words are a pair of homonyms, some are a group of 3.  I couldn't believe all the ones that I kept thinking of!

I love the dictionary.

This is the special 3 word cards and definitions.

This is the first of 63 word and definition slides.

 So after I typed up 259 words and definitions, I decided that I wanted my class to have task cards to use the cards... you know how much I love task cards, but I couldn't see how I could use the cards in the same manner as playing Scoot with what I had in mind.  So I made 10 activity cards instead.  The cards have the kids creating games with amounts of the different sets (pairs) of words.

 For example: make a crossword puzzle, create a word search, play GNOME (like Bingo), write sentences, a poem, a narrative, etc...there are 10 of them! Every card has a corresponding activity board that I can print off and slide into a sheet protector for the kiddos to use during centers.  

I am so excited about this since it's something I can use the rest of the year - 
I just switch out the different sets of words.

Okay, okay - I love to share and this time I wanted to share here on the blog.  You could click above to head over to check it out at TPT, or you could comment below for a chance to win it - just leave your email address if you are interested!  I will choose a winner Sunday night using a random number generator.    

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I hate to be the first one to comment since the generators never pick #1, but I LOVE these! My students would totally get his sense of humor :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. These cards are AWESOME! My kiddos and I have an on-going joke about gnomes - they'd get a kick out of them.
    Also, we've just finished an initial unit on homophones and I think this would be an awesome review/reinforcement.

    Pick number 2! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. This homonym activity pack looks great! My students would love it! And how cute is the gnome?!

    Bren P.

  4. I have a group of fifth graders struggling with homonyms also. We work on them during word work, but you're right, they are never exposed to enough of them. Your pack looks awesome, and I also love the 'gnome' idea. :)

    Wild About Fifth Grade

  5. Love it! Would definitely hook the kids in :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I would LOVE to win this! I am gathering activities for my students to use to review before upcoming state testing.

  8. This looks AMAZING! My kids LOVE homonyms this year, they'd love this, too!
    reyesremarkablerants at gmail dot com


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