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April 20, 2013

Grade Level Team Gifts

Had to share what I posted last night on FB.  

I know, I know - the second post of the day - it's okay, really!  Just breathe!

I love personalized presents and wanted to do something special for my 
grade level team since we have all had QUITE THE YEAR with our darlings. 

A T-shirt was out of the question since we would never wear it to school, a mug was out of the question since we really don't need anymore mugs... or else we would feel the need to hide it.

So, I found these medals over at Oriental Trading Company.  
There are many styles to choose from on the front, but the back is completely customizable.  

The front of ours will say "Victory", and the back is what is shown above.

I had 3 lines, but I just couldn't bring myself to add anything more to it.

I'm understated like that. 

Totally worth the $4.25 each. 

Hope you are having a great day!!


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