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April 23, 2013

Tried it Tuesday: Earth Day!

I'm linking up with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper to share what I tried yesterday and Friday to celebrate Earth Day.


Earth Day Freebie Fun
First off, last week my class brainstormed different ways to protect the Earth.  6 groups made posters and on Friday they got up to present.  After everyone was done sharing, I had my class write a list of things they felt they could personally do to protect the Earth.  We used the freebie templates from the Science Penguin to write it out.

Then on Friday we also formed our clay poppies - knowing they need a while to air dry, the kids shaped their own and we set them aside for over the weekend.


On Monday we had fun!  The majority of the day we did centers!

A while back I mentioned I had adopted a Sea Turtle from Sea Turtle Inc  - so we watched this video on sea turtles from School Tube.  The point of the video is to show how people can help wild animals.  We looked up information altogether and came up with a list of interesting facts.  

Center #1

Now, because I adopted Sebastian the Sea Turtle, The Science Penguin sent me her Sea Turtle Pack for free.  :)  We used her craftivity and the kids created their own sea turtle during centers.  I chose the template with lines so they could write fun facts they wanted to remember about them.

Center #2

Keeping with the Earth theme - my class worked with their new table groups (Yes, I'm trying table groups again) to brainstorm using these Freebie Facts and Fun Cards.  I printed off a set per table, then the kids passed the papers around the table to write their own ideas on them.  We later compared the different viewpoints of the groups.  Just another fun center.  

Center #3

As for planting - what's an Earth Day without soil and seeds?  I always do this... we pulled out the recyclable pots, filled them with dirt, and sprinkled in some California Poppy seeds.  It's our state flower you know... :)  By Open House they should be sprouting.  

We also took our clay poppies from Friday, and it was time to paint - so when they were outside the kiddos turned the clay from blah beige to a glorious orange.  

Center #4
Earth Day Poetry and Art Project
The kiddos created Earth Poems using this free Poetry and Art Project
 It has poetry patterns examples and the kids reviewed personification.  After they wrote it up on an index card, I took them and typed them up into a circle shape on Powerpoint, printed, and had the kids cut & color them.  These are also going up on the Science bulletin board.     
Another project my class tackled together on Monday was making our own recycled paper.  I had picked up the Bill Nye kit last year when it was 75% off.  It was actually easy.  Just a matter of soaking paper scraps for a couple of hours, then blending it up in the little machine, pouring it into the contraption, and pressing the excess water out.  It has to sit for at least 24 hours.  All of this stuff we will be putting on our Science bulletin board for Open House. 

Yes, it was a big day!  I love these kinds of days.  :) 

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  1. What an awesome post! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas for Earth Day! I was wondering where you got your scraps of paper from for making the paper? I remember our gifted and talented students made paper one year for a project and they were ripping paper for several weeks of their meeting times! lol!! That scared me away:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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