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April 4, 2013

Math Websites

I'm linking up with Jivey a day late to share my list of math websites with you.  :)  I've been on vacation, but now I'm back to reality.  Really... the laundry is sitting in a huge pile just waiting for the washer... reality hit hard the moment we unloaded the car.    

Okay,  here we go:

I've shared some of these before, and explained them in pretty much big detail on other posts, so I'll just point you in those directions.  

Think Central
Think Central goes along with our math book.  The kids use it when they forget their math book at school to be able to print out the homework, or they can walk through the lessons again, or they take specific skill (benchmark) quizzes.  They work on the quizzes when we head to the computer lab.  

Each student at my school has their own account, and I can monitor exactly what areas they are practicing and how well they are doing.  This has an incentive program as well. 

Math is Fun
This is a fun site that allows students to practice their facts and other skills.  I don't stress it as much as Think Central or IXL, but it's available for the kiddos to help make learning fun.  

I usually use Internet4Classrooms for reading practice, since we have all these other great tools for math.  It has the same idea though for math as well as for reading - many fun games to practice skills.

Hope this helps someone!  


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