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April 11, 2013

Test Prep Thursday - UGH!

Testing begins in 3 days and this week we have been hitting it pretty hard doing final review.

Here's some of what we have been doing in Math and ELA.

Those Homework Printables have been a God-send.  The one I bought is the math set.  When I picked it up during the sale I was thinking of next year when we are in full swing Common Core - to use with parents, etc... but then on Monday I had brought  the stack to school, and I started thinking of using them for centers for review.  So I laminated all 50+ pages of it on Monday, made a hole punch in the top, and put them into the 5 main standard groups using a binder ring.  This week as we are going through the different units, I am pulling those specific sheets from the rings to use with the kids that had a hard time on the benchmark tests throughout the year.  It's been pretty easy to do.  I have also been switching up the task card & partner stations and putting these in as well since there is an answer key for the kiddos to check things out.    

In addition to all of this we have been reviewing test prep strategies using Dots-n-Spots Rock the Test set.  We started out by drawing a video game controller ( ____ takes control of the test) and then we used her strategies - labeling the video game controller's buttons with the different labels.

I'm SOOO tired, ready for testing to be over... of course then it will be onto Earth Day, Open House, Gold Rush Day, Carnival, Field Trip, and End of School activities.  

How do you review?  

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