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April 6, 2013

Guest Post: Becky W - Furthering Your Kid's Academic Career, the Fun Way

Hi all!  Guest blogger Becky W. is joining us again to give some insight about supplementing their kids education using after school enrichment.  Please leave feedback, comments, etc... and I'll make sure to pass it onto her.  Thanks!
Furthering Your Kid's Academic Career, the Fun Way
Great academic careers today do not only constitute an outstanding grade sheet. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of your child’s academic path, and they help in developing their skills like nothing else taught during school hours. Schools have ventured into providing quality options in after-school clubs and classes, where children can learn new skills in a fun way.
 If your child is learning more than what is taught to everyone else at school, he or she will have a definite advantage. This is the best way to expand your child’s potential and help in staying ahead in the competitive academic race. From earning scholarships to entering coveted university programs, the advantages of taking a few extra courses are endless.
Overburdening of syllabi and the stress of time management is often the first apprehension of parents in this regard. However, remember that all the time invested in these extra courses is worth it! If your child is learning American history in school, it’s great to study world history in after-school lessons or tutoring sessions. The same goes for other subjects like math, literature, and chemistry; extra classes further increase understanding of the subject at hand.
The fact that these after school clubs are very creative and less formal makes learning more fun. These clubs and extracurricular classes are not just limited to conventional school subjects. Students can opt for other interesting courses, such as learning how to play guitar or joining the basketball team. These extra activities are valuable for your child’s academic career today. A student with good grades and many other skills will usually be the preference of higher educational institutions.
If you are looking to get your kid enrolled in some additional activities, try speaking with the teachers and counselors at your child’s school first. Most schools have interesting and productive clubs that boost creativity and confidence in children. Nearly all in-school courses are free of cost, or have a very minimal cost. Since these courses and clubs are aimed at developing extra skills in the children, they typically won’t have any specific requirements, and anyone can sign up.
In case your child’s school does not have clubs that interest him or her, you can always find evening classes elsewhere. Try enrolling your child in clubs that suit his or her interests best. The aim is to boost the overall academic career by bringing out the best in your child. So in case they are holding back at school, the extra academic activities may help them realize their strengths and use them in the best possible way!
Children learn to socialize and develop confidence through these activities. Clubs like debating, journalism, and spoken languages help children in developing vocal skills and speak with confidence. As they advance to higher classes, the significance of extracurricular activities increases because they help them get into good universities. These clubs can be a great source of letters of recommendation or simply for boasting on the academic record. 

Contribution by Becky W.  

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