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May 10, 2013

Five for Friday :)

Linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for their 5 for Friday...  Here are 5 random moments of my week.  :)
1.  Teacher Appreciation was wonderful.  I felt loved by all my students.  :) 
*Monday was Flower Day - I got a ton of flowers.  
*Tuesday was Wear Your Teacher's Favorite Color - my classroom was filled with rainbow colors.  
*Wednesday (my birthday) was Make a Homemade Card - I got a ton of cards and gifts.  :)
*Thursday was Pencil Day - my students got very creative with decorating pencils to give to me.
*Friday was Treat Day - my students brought me tons of chocolate, apples, cake pops, snacks, etc...


Leadership students did room service today as well.... they do this every year and every year it is so special.  We get a menu to choose from for "Breakfast" and "Afternoon Snack"
*Breakfast choices are everything from croissants to toasted bagels with cream cheese, to muffins, to fruit, juice, etc...
*Afternoon choices were soda, fruit, candy bars, popcorn, etc... it was so Sweet!


*Our PTO gave us a catered dinner last night before Open House started... and there was leftovers today.


*Our district superintendent came by today to announce the new principal and he brought doughnuts


 I was able to resist all the yumminess and stick with sensible options.  :)  

2.  Been spending a ton of money lately to use up all my different accounts at school.
Look what was in my Target cart?  Yep - 3 new storage bins that I already love.  The white ones were only $10.99 compared to the colored $14.99 ones.  I decided I love white.  :)  I'm hoping to put all my math manipulatives and all the task card sets separated out... but I will most likely need another 1 or 2.  

3.  Just found this EB White Treasury over at Scholastic (I forgot to put in my order today at school and it has to get in so it can be delivered before school gets out.)  One copy of Charlotte's Web is 75 bonus points, the 2 pk. Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little is 135, and this 3 pk of books is only 100 bonus points.  Score!  Now I can do an author study/literature circles next year when we are reading our first Reading unit. :)  Oh so happy!   

4.  I survived my 13th Open House last night.  :)  I ended up having my principal and vice principal rotating through my classroom every 15 minutes while I kept a hand on a walkie talkie to alert them if need be... Have no clue what I'm talking about?  I mentioned something over on FB today...

So many wonderful families stopped by, so many proud kiddos showed off their work, so many "shoppers" for next year peeked in.  

Want to see how my room basically looked?  Here are basically all the links in one spot.
I know there was that science one as well... but actually on Wednesday afternoon I decided I didn't like it anymore - so instead I pulled it all down and put up our paper dioramas of our favorite stories of the year.  I forgot to take a picture though... I'll try to remember next week.  Here's an idea of it from last year. 

5.  My Birthday
I am officially mid thirties :)  My day was the best day ever!  It included having to give back some of the many gifts one of my students brought me without their parent's permission, breaking up 2 romances in the classroom, getting flowers and a balloon from my hubby at work, going out to eat frozen yogurt with my grade level team for lunch, being contacted by one of the colleges I used to take many many extra units from to see if I wanted to be a grader for them, and then getting to go shopping on Amazon and TPT to spend money in my accounts.  We went out to my parents for dinner and I chose strawberry as the icing of choice on the traditional Angel Food cake.  :)  

Isn't my youngest so adorable?  He mastered using both a spoon and fork at the same time to get both cake and ice cream in his mouth in alternating motions.  

Hope you had a great week!


  1. Happy birthday to you!! And glad your week was great other than the one "thing..."
    ideas by jivey

  2. Sounds like a week to celebrate! I'm so happy to hear that open house went well after the situation. That can really shake you up.

    Happy birthday!

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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