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September 12, 2013

Adding, Subtracting, and Parenthesis (Oh MY!)

This week has just been FUN in Math.  

It really has.  I absolutely positively LOVE working in MATH rotations. 

Let me take a moment to say thank you to whoever brainstormed interactive notebooks.  Yes, my kiddos are on their 2nd glue stick of the year (already) but it has been worth it having them so involved (willingly) in the lessons.

I love meeting with my small groups, knowing exactly what each child "gets" every single day.  No guessing at all.  Either they get it or they don't.

In my hands on station, I have been putting review items.  We have reviewed place value and rounding till we are blue in the face, this week was a welcome relief to stick in different addition/subtraction activities.

Then I got to this lesson on Tuesday - 'Solving Expressions' and I knew I had made up some Order of Operation task cards last year... only to find out that they were ones that had multiplication... not what I needed at all to help review & play scoot later on this week.

So I made these new ones up this week.  

Adding and subtracting in the different equations with parenthesis thrown in to help get the kids paying attention to detail.  My kids (I will brag a bit) are so into noticing the difference between the 2 ways the parenthesis could be placed... sometimes I wonder if they are just faking their enthusiasm or if they really do love math that much...

 Anyway - I posted them since maybe they will be able to help someone else too...

... and I always include an answer key since what teacher wouldn't want an answer key.

They are 50% off for a limited time.  :)  

Have a great night!  

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