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September 29, 2013

Peek at my Week

This week is going to be nuts!  It's the end of the trimester (meaning grading, projects, tests, crazyville...)

Here's what's up!

Retesting district math benchmarks and completing Jivey's Scholastic Catalogue Addition/Subtraction math project.  I need to finish up retesting fluency too!    

Cereal Box Book Report Presentations will be coming in... and then retesting AR/Comprehension when we head to the library/computer lab.  

Here's a picture from last year :)   

It's time for the Reading unit test!  Why a Reading Unit test on a Wednesday?  Because there is time to review on Monday and Tuesday, but still enough time to scan them before I need to enter them on the report card on Friday.  Hopefully no one will be absent!  That always throws a wrench into the plans...    

Grade day!  Today is the day I need to enter as much as possible.  We have a report card online window that opens at midnight (not that I'll be awake then) and then the timer starts to get everything onto the actual report cards.   

Here's my checklist to make sure everything is done today to get ready for tomorrow!  

It's time to dissect owl pellets!  We have a minimum day (to work on report cards), so in that 1 1/2 hour long block of time between recess and lunch the kids will be having a "bird's eye" view of food chains/webs.

Picture from last year - this year we are going outside to combat the stinkiness! 

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