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September 28, 2013

Five for Saturday


What a week....  It's getting near the end of the trimester (ends next Friday) so this week has been BUSY!  Linking up with Doodlebugs to share some of the craziness.

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This past week I couldn't get my Native Folder pictures to upload - so here they are!  

Cover: Illustration with Tribe Name - must include setting, shelter, food source, type of dress (unless they were naked - yes, we had a discussion about that), and any other information they wanted to include.

Middle had their 2 page research notes and their informational paragraphs (stapled into a little flip book).
Back had key facts.  They got up and shared with their tribe some "fun facts".  A little oral speaking practice before this coming week's BIG Book Report Presentation.  
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This week I became an adult - again!  The American Fidelity guy came to school and usually I don't sign up for anything.  I guess it's all the health issues in my own family that made me decide it was time to take the plunge (before something happens and I don't qualify).  Hopefully I'll never need it, but I now am the owner of a Disability and Cancer Protection plan.  Goodbye paycheck!    

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With the end of the trimester, it's all about taking a little bit of time to review.  I saw Confessions of a Teaching Junkie had this idea of creating a Place Value Poster - so I took what my kids had learned during our unit and wrote a list of things I wanted them to show me (place value headings, values, rounding, comparing, etc...)  It was a marathon of place value.  My kids got into it though - no complaining!  The little artists had a field day - and now I have another "project" grade for the grade book.

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A new parent helper started this last week.  She is awesome!!  She wants to help me prep materials in the classroom.  :)  She came in on Wednesday and laminated a huge stack of stuff.

I still need to cut it out, but that's only because she was busy also making mini flip books for me the entire time.  Every Wednesday afternoon is going to be very nice!  (P.S - I'm learning to give up control of every aspect of prep work (especially laminating) - It's been a chore for me, be proud!)  

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While waiting for the fall shows to start, hubby and I went through Netflix and started watching Burn Notice (somehow never heard of it before now).  Well in 2 weeks we are now up to Season 3.  We loved Alias, and this seems a combination of Alias and McGuyver.
It's not super smart staying up so late every night watching show after show, but it's been so much fun!

Have a great weekend!  Today the cub scouts are selling popcorn - so we are there being supportive.  After our service is over, there is a movie theatre nearby...

Shhh though, it's a surprise!

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