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September 22, 2013

Peek at my Week

Ready for a peek at my upcoming week?

This week we are reading the story, "Two Tickets to Freedom" in OCR.  

It's the true story of William and Ellen Craft.  They were fugitive slaves that undertook a long journey on the underground railroad.    In addition to the normal vocabulary, reading/discussing, story map/sequence chart, partner reading/fluency building... we also coordinate a little map action and color in the characters' journey to freedom.

We will be starting Multiplication Properties, Order of Operations, and Expressions - all with Multiplication.  I actually love teaching these concepts this coming week - I love how it ties together and they see the connections between Addition and Multiplication.

We are finishing up Native Californians.  More weaving,  tribe presentations, and a video about daily life.  We will also finish up our Interactive File Folders using the top half of this sheet.  Last week the kids started to record facts they wanted to remember after they glued this onto their folder.  They will use these facts when they are sharing their tribes during the oral presentations.  
Side Note - I have LOVED (yes, all capitals) having my students use file folders this year in Science and Social Studies.  While I am using composition books for our Interactive Reading/Language and Math notes, for Science and Social Studies I am keeping each topic separate - basically by chapter.  When a chapter is done I am keeping the folders (stored in their own subject's crate) for the end of the year.  The kids are enjoying them too.  What I stick in the big areas are things from my packs, notes, paragraphs, etc... but above are the headings that the kids write notes under.  My goal right now is to get the headings onto a half a page (if possible) to save copies.  Before I handed it to the kids, I cut the Explorer part off to save for our next Social Studies focus.  

We are working on dependence in an ecosystem - interdependence between organisms, how animals have adapted to fit their environments, and how they will compete for resources.  This week after the lessons, I'm having my kiddos choose an animal and listing details about these 3 areas.  

We will also be working on our Science Interactive Folder and use the top part of this page, adding definitions and gluing in the above animal information.  

We have been working on adding details to our writing, so we will be continuing on with our Native American informational paragraphs (Social Studies).  Our other focus' will be writing strong conclusion sentences and identifying kinds of sentences (Declarative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory).

We finished up Beezus and Ramona last week, so this week we will be starting Charlotte's Web full class.  I had about 13 copies that I purchased last year, but am eagerly waiting for my Scholastic order to show up with the rest of the class books..

Our Mentor Sentence text is Come On, Rain.  I use Jivey's Mentor Sentence unit, as well as her new activity pack that ties into it.    

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I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. I love your idea of using folders for SS/Science! I'd love to see some examples of how you organize them.


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