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October 27, 2013

Inspiration from a Marriage Retreat

This weekend my husband and I participated in our church's first ever marriage retreat. A chance to get away and spend time as a couple.  We realized we haven't had an overnight kid free time since our 10th anniversary - a year and a half ago...  It was time to do something for us.   

We helped to plan and organize it... Then we got there early on Friday afternoon to help sneak in the different rooms before the couples arrived to put out a bottle of sparkling cider, 2 champagne glasses, and a goody bag with chocolates. We wanted it to feel special for the couples that came.

When we helped to choose the location we wanted it to be near 'fun' stuff since the Saturday schedule allowed for us to go out on a date. With 3 kids at home it doesn't always happen to have those moments alone. Table for 2... usually, what's that?!? So we chose Sacramento because there is always tons to do.

Friday night dessert
This happens to be basically next door to the state credentialing office...
reminded me that I have one more year before it's time to renew.  I ended up choosing an apple cider gelato -SO GOOD!    
Saturday afternoon entertainment
Old Town Sacramento (picture from Trip Advisor) - picked up some Christmas presents.  :)
Husband's ever trip to IKEA - we spent an hour just wandering.
We ended up going for Teppan Yaki for dinner.  Someplace we definitely wouldn't be taking the boys until they are a little older.    
Sunday homeward bound lunch

Yes - another meal out...  we have lived it up, and now have the stomachache to prove it.  Oh my!!  
Back to Business...

By now you are probably wondering how I'm going to tie a marriage retreat into teaching, by it's actually applicable. Sometimes in the classroom we get so focused on the standards & lessons, and the kids that have this need or that need that we forget about how kids are already developing based on their birth order or what direction they tend to veer toward with types of learning. 

This weekend we spent the majority of yesterday morning discussing our individuality - what makes us unique. From there the speakers tied it into how to understand our spouse will probably not be wired the same way.

Where we fit for birth order- that those first born kids think a little different than those middle kids or youngest. At the beginning of the year we do those surveys about the kids but from there what do you do with it? It makes me wonder if perhaps I can use the information when creating groups in order to maximize their strengths.

Another thing we took was a little quiz about our learning styles. We all know that lessons should have aspects of all 3 - visual, auditory, and tactile to reach all the kids, but being honest how many of you are thinking of that quality of specific kids in class when you are planning out the lessons?  I honestly couldn't tell you exactly which kids learned in which way.  

We also had a session about communication - specifically how guys and girls communicate differently. I think of multiple meaning words all the time but I'm thinking that I will now be more aware how those little boys and girls are wired differently, in addition to how their environments and experiences have affected them. 

Kids are so special. :)  Now it's time to go and snuggle with my own babies.

Hope you had a great weekend!    


  1. I am a HUGE believer in birth order traits. Thanks for the reminder to remember this and the uniqueness of the kiddos I work with. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Such a great post Emily! I also believe birth order plays a role in how our children learn, behave, and effects who they will become as individuals.



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