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October 30, 2013

My Day in Pictures

Hi Everyone,
Well today I would like to show you my day in pictures. 'Twas the day before Halloween... with a pj spirit day as well (Put drugs to bed).  Now, please know I really tried to remember to take pictures... just there were some moments that I couldn't exactly grab a camera... I'm sure you understand.  :)  

Here we go:

Before school it's the calm before the storm. I unpack my bag, feeling slightly guilty that I didn't grade those papers last night. 

At 8:15 it's time to get the kids from line up and head back with them to our home away from home. 

The kids get organized- homework on desks, they are working on morning math meeting on the floor when I'm checking it in. Then we go over it (meeting and hw) full class.  

Soon enough it's prep time- kids go to PE, come back for 5 minutes before they head to recess. Those 5 minutes between the 2 are filled with filling a bucket. 

What am I doing during prep? Actually today I was correcting those papers from last night. Fun times - NOT!!

After recess is our math rotations. The kids were put into groups on Monday for the week. I use pocket charts that are magnetic on the whiteboard so they just stay up. I only rotate the station card at the top when it's time to switch.  

Math facts- Fall Roll a Dice

At your seat - Problem Solving worksheet

Teacher Time - lesson on multidigit patterns

Hands On - All Halloween math cards - all types of review.
(I used to have them use their whiteboards, but I switched it to scratch paper and pencil - they have to turn in what they accomplished to get credit.)

After math is reading. Wednesdays mean rereading the story with a partner (read to someone using comprehension check marks) then today we reviewed a bunch of stuff in our workbooks.  

{Just imagine a picture of two children reading together... my picture was somehow totally blurry.}

When done is workshop time. Kids are finishing up their Spooky Spelling Stories as a must do, and have daily 5 choices when done. 

Listen to reading - MP3's, iPad  

Word Work - Trick or Treat word brainstorm

Work on Writing choices - journal writes

It's time for lunch, then after lunch is our read aloud and read to self. 

Today we worked on a special book report instead of doing our normal workshop and science lesson. Pumpkin Character Book Reports. I'm sure you have seen them, I just didn't want the mess of using real pumpkins in class. 

The kids each had a form to fill out about a book they chose - the main idea being that they could choose a book that they enjoyed to expand other student's horizons. I wanted them to learn about other books out there.

When done with their form they took a foam pumpkin and decorated it to look like their character. Instant bulletin board recommendations. This project took about an hour and then we moved onto pack up & clean up. 

I do have yard duty afterschool this week... Then there is 25 minutes before my own son starts squawking that it's time to go home. 

Another day - I hope I'm ready for tomorrow!  


  1. What a busy day! My kids were crazy hyper without PJ day. Happy Hallowe'en!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I wish we had PJ day EVERY DAY! Do you know how much work I would actually get completed. LOL!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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