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October 26, 2013

Student Motivation: Achievement Awards

Oh, motivation... how I love you!! Linking up with Joanne to share something that is working wonderfully in my classroom.   

This week I was prepping more achievement awards for my students.  These ink friendly ones I made up this past summer.  So far this year I have given out the beginning of the year ones - the First Day, Belonging to (their names), and Birthday.  Then as students have passed their multiplication and division facts, they received their facts badges too for their necklaces.   

Now with the end of the first trimester I get to give out these new awards.  

Principal's Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Effort, and Perfect Attendance (for 1st trimester).  I also made up some ones specific to AR and IXL goals for my class.  :)  

It really is the little things that get them excited about learning! 
Have a wonderful day!  

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