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June 30, 2014

Monday Made It

Monday Made It!!  I absolutely love this linky that Tara hosts.  I get so many ideas every single week!

This summer has been weird.  I usually am hitting vacation with full steam ahead, but the past couple of weeks I haven't wanted to even think about school.  I guess this last year really did me in.  It's starting to become reality that tomorrow is July.  JULY!  Summer is already halfway over and I barely have anything to show for it.

Last week I shared how I decided to set up my planner - I added in dates, added in a monthly curriculum map, added a workshop menu to the planner, and started inputting my different Pinterest ideas for each month.  

This past week I really wanted to use that last weekly lesson sheet in the book as a dry erase sheet for a conference schedule.  I took 2 sheet protectors and cut them vertically so I could slide it over the page.  Basically now they both are only connected on 2 of the 4 sides (used to be 3).  Easy on/off, and I can write on them weekly with the kids that I need to meet with.  

I also went to Big Lots this past week and saw these magazine holders in the college section.  I adore these colors.   One thing I use every year are baskets to hold my different centers for Math Workshop and Daily 5.  Every afternoon I stick the next day's activities in the baskets and then I'm good to go... only thing I don't have a lot of counter space in my portable.  I have one table (other than their desks), and the tops of my plastic drawers.  I wanted to change these out to being vertical baskets that won't take up a large footprint.  

The blue ones above (and my pink Teacher Time) will hold my Daily 5 activities:
Read to Self - Reading Response papers/prompts
Listen to Reading - Technology check off, MP3 check off
Read with Someone - Comprehension check marks
Word Work - Daily Activity
Teacher Time - My intervention stuff
These labels above were freebies found on TPT from Donna Coleman - only I can't find them again on the site... so weird!  I made them smaller on my printer, so they printed all on one page.  Then after laminating, I hole punched at the top, threaded through some black ribbon, and hung them around the metal rod.

Math Workshop is green:
Math Facts - Daily Activity
At your Seat - Daily Activity
Teacher Time - Intervention or Lesson
Hands On - Task Card or Game
These labels came from 4th Grade Frolics Math Workshop set.

The pink ones are for my daily copies.  I used to use a metal sorting tray, but I like to bring everything for the day up to my cart.  These labels were freebies.

I also got around to prepping some of the things I have bought over the months.  These math boggle games will go into my math fact rotation.  I printed them 4 per sheet, so now I have tons of smaller boggle boards.

I also printed off and laminated these Bloom cards.  They were printed 2 pages per sheet (8 cards per page).  I'm all about saving paper and ink!

It's also the end of June AND the end to the quarter - so I decided to put 4 items up for $1 through midnight tonight (or whenever I wake up in the morning).  My Ninja Reading Graphic Organizers, My Homonym Activity Pack, My Froggie Fraction Task Card Bundle, and Farm Animals Research Book.  

Have a wonderfully awesome day!  


  1. Oh those magazine holders are perfect for my sketchbooks! Must go to Big Lots!!
    This Old Art Room

  2. I love those magazine holders. I also like the idea of using Boggle Boards for math fact practice.


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