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June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday - 2 Bundles are 50% Off

Last week I spent a lot of money on all the deals I found on the Two for Tuesday over at The Teaching Tribune.  I'm ready for another fun week.  This week I decided to choose 2 bundles to mark down.
Research and Writing BUNDLE {6 Products}

Animal Research Bundle {4 Products}

My Research and Writing Journal Bundle and my Animal Research Bundle were both a hit in my classroom this past year.  The kids were always asking to hop on the computers to learn more, and they became very comfortable looking up information by themselves.  That was my main point - I wanted my kids to start to grasp how to find specific information without having to ask an adult.  Of course I supervised them on that computer, but they got really into it.

In these bundles there are 10 easy downloads:
*When I Grow Up - Careers
*What a Small World - Countries - Perfect for the Olympics
*Famous African Americans - Perfect for February
*Arctic Animals
*Rainforest Animals
*Forest Animals
*Farm Animals
*Zoo Animals
*Ocean Animals

Each animal/person/country/career has a page with specific information to look up and a lined page with clip art for students to write about the topic.  It was a great reflective piece for my kids to explain what they learned in paragraph form.

Hope this helps you!  

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  1. These resources look great! I'll have to go check them out!


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