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June 17, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Penguins and Word of the Day

I am LOVING this Two for Tuesday linky.  So thankful for The Teaching Tribune for organizing this... of course I'm spending way too much money...

Today my 2 products are my Penguin Task Card Bundle and my Word of the Day Cards.  

Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping Task Card BUNDLE

Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping - When I taught 2nd grade this was one of the most difficult skills to master.  Of course this skill is used over and over again in life, so it's important for kids to eventually get it.  I created this bundle of my 2 task card sets in order to save you money.  This bundle includes both sets of task cards - each set has 32 cards and an answer sheet with those cute little penguins.  

I use task cards in many ways in my classroom - we play a whole class game of Scoot, I put them in a math workshop center, they are used for intervention with my parent helpers, I stick them into my Morning Math Meeting, and I use them in my lessons as examples.  I love how task cards are so versatile.       

4th Grade Word of the Day Pack {180 Academic Vocabulary Cards}

I'm so excited about my brand new Word of the Day pack.  Every year I try to teach my kiddos as many vocabulary words as possible.  We've had training after training about the important of teaching  those high level Academic Vocabulary words, so I finally took the word lists and compiled them into word cards.  Each morning the student helper will choose a card out of the basket and we'll add it to our notebooks.  The kids will use their dictionary skills to look up definitions, make sentences, draw pictures, etc to really understand the word.  I included pages for an alphabet Recording Book if someone out there could use it.  There are 2 versions on the cards, both black and white & a colored version.  This can work for other grade levels, but it was the 4th grade word list that I used.  After we use the word, the card will be put up on a bulletin board to be used in our Word Work center.  

Hope you have a great day!     

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  1. Thanks for sharing the vocab pack! I teach 5th, and vocabulary is such a huge part of our curriculum! Hope you can stop by my blog sometime!

    The Teaching Crew


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