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June 2, 2014

Two for Tuesday - 50% off Daily Deals

Two for Tuesday Time!  This summer The Teaching Tribune had the idea of having different link ups every single day.  Link ups are a great way to meet new friends, and gather a bunch of ideas in the same spot.  Tuesdays will start being the day to see many different TPT products for 50% off.  

The 2 items that I want to reduce (for today only) are my Technology Clip Chart Set and my Monthly Grammar Coloring Sheets.  Today my Technology Clip Chart is only $1.50 and my Monthly Grammar is only $2.  

 Technology Behavior Clip Chart

Monthly Grammar Coloring Sheets {Year Long Grammar Review}

Here's how I use them in my own classroom:

I had a lot of technology themed things in class this past year between this, my Student Notebooks, and name tags.  The kids really enjoyed clipping up (not just down), and I enjoyed a chance to reward good behavior with the visual.
As for my Monthly Grammar Sheets, as you know coloring can be educational!  

My kiddos loved coloring these parts of speech sheets this past spring.  Great review for elementary school kids to identify nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, etc.  I started making them in March, and from there made an entire year.  Best compliment ever was from my student - I had printed the entire bunch of them to send off for this coming year and she asked if they were going to get to do all of them.  That made my day!

Go check them out, and check out the other deals over at The Teaching Tribune!    

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  1. I love the way you do your clip chart with a pocket chart.. I had never seen that before!


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