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July 27, 2016

Back to School Freebies {Did you grab these?}

I hope that you are having a relaxing summer.  This morning I woke up at 4:30 am with my head in full to do list mode.  The back to school nightmares dreams haven't started yet, but I'm sure they are just around the corner.

Today I wanted to share some quick links to FREEBIES that have made my classroom run extra smooth the past couple of years.   

Freebie- We Missed You! {Folder Cover and Assignment Notes

I printed these covers 4 per page, laminated, and stapled onto plastic folders (plastic since they are easily washable for sick kids).  They stay in a bucket, along with the included checklist.  When a student is absent, their neighbor grabs a folder and checklist, and throughout the day they update the folder with the materials the absent student will need when they return to school (papers that need to go home, interactive notebook papers to be glued, homework, etc).  

FREEBIE: Back to School Teacher Lists

This is my "get ready for school" teacher info. packet that I jot down notes and make plans for an easy transition back to school.  

Freebie:  Back to School Essentials

This contains more those Student papers that make life easier for me... Rainbow Edit, Whole Class Writing, and Monthly Grammar.  :)  

FREEBIE: Student Birthday Treat/Card {Glow Stick}

I print a stack of these cards on colored card stock, and on student birthdays I give students a glow stick, card, and homework pass.  

Novel Notes {Freebie File Folder Insert}

These notes keep my reading instruction moving nice and smooth.  Last year I passed out file folders for every novel, and the kids added these sheets to keep everything organized.  

This is by far the best classroom decision I made.  No more tickets, just a simple chart on the board that we add student classroom numbers, and still have the raffle on Fridays.  

Hope this helps!  


  1. I love your raffle! Sounds like a great idea to encourage good behavior! I just might have to try that!

    Life As I Know It

  2. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for posting! The student birthday card is brilliant (pun intended)!!!!


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