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July 18, 2016

I LOVE my Silhouette!

For the past few years I've been trying to justify getting a Silhouette machine.  This summer I had the opportunity to raise money just by filling out health surveys and doing some preventative care things through my insurance.  It's a perk.  The money comes in a form of a gift card, and I knew I wanted to spend a chunk of it on getting myself a machine.  I bought the bundle through Amazon that came with the machine and the vinyl kit.  It also came with a one month subscription to the design store - which meant I had a shopping spree of $25 I could spend on templates (most templates are $1).    

I wanted to show you the projects I've done so far with the machine.  These are just for the classroom...

I picked up this CA template and stuck it onto my Target Dollar Spot clip board.  I tend to walk around the room with a clipboard, making informal notes, and I was impressed with how thick these clipboards are.  LOVE how it came out!  

I've shared this one on here before, but this is actually the KG Always a Good Time font that I glued onto those wood banner pieces from the Dollar Spot.   The plan is to put these up on the bulletin boards to label the sections (and take down my paper labels).   

 This banner I made using the KG A Little Swag font and black card stock.  I laminated the letters, then attached to black ribbon.  It's going up on my Social Studies board above our map of California.  

This is a template I found on the site - I stretched this to be an 8in. circle.  My plan is to put this up on the whiteboard with the date, reminders, and homework.   

These are more templates I found.  I printed them 2 per piece of cardstock (5 inches wide).  I made a total of eight of them.  I have these picture holders at school (they look like a paper clip turned upside down) that I can set on desks to help with motivation.  

 I wanted to redo my birthday board... bright paper with these little month labels on top.  They are ready for me to write the kids names... or add their pictures on top.  

 I found a font over on the site that's called PN Toy Time.  LOVE how chunky it is.  They also had this template for Instagram.  I want to add a picture bulletin board on one of my cabinet doors. :)  The Homework and Essential Questions will reside on my whiteboard.  I chose to put them on a white background, I'm hoping it will blend into the board. 

Another template I picked up was a set of twelve different arrows.  I printed them out in 4 colors of card stock, and they are now in a bag, ready to add to anchor charts, bulletin boards, whiteboard reminders, etc.  

For name tags this coming year I decided to print see through names on white card stock, then  I laminated them.  I printed out my class list (as of this moment).  I know that things may change, but the majority of them should remain the same.  A little packing tape will hold them in place on their desks.   

These apple (removable) stickers were another Dollar Spot find for just a buck.  I was trying out my hand with using vinyl... I almost went crazy.  The plan is to put these on my file cabinets to label the different drawers.  We'll see what happens when I can actually get in the classroom.  

Hope you have a great day!    

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