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July 28, 2016

Making Grammar Fun using Scissors

Today I wanted to show what I've made for my new batch of kids!  Last year I realized how much my big kids (fourth graders) still loved cutting out shape books.  Paper would turn into snowmen, apples, pumpkins, etc. throughout the year.  It motivated them to complete a brainstorm when it was deemed "fun" and by fun it meant a shape.  So, this summer when I actually had time, I created these 9 shape books for my kiddos.  Each batch of books has 10 pages that can be stapled together.

Why grammar?  Well every week my class works on Mentor Sentences.  Every week we are labeling the words in our interactive notebook, and every week we are discussing the parts of speech.  So I wanted to let them create brainstorm booklets that can let them show what they know.
My plan is to have the kids use one shape per month August to April:
September - Apples
October - Pumpkins
November - Acorns
December - Winter Hats
January - Snowmen
February - Mittens
March -  Butterflies
April - Clouds
May - Flowers

Each booklet has a shape/page dedicated to nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, a cover page, and a blank one that could be used for anything I can dream up.  Just wanted to share what I've been getting ready, here's the link if you think they might work in your classroom too.  

How have you been prepping for school?    

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