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July 11, 2016

My Plum Planner

The past three years I have bought a fancy planner that has cost more than any other book I own.  I justify it that it breaks down to about $1-2 a school week... and I absolutely love that I made the upgrade.  This year I decided to bump to a different brand of fancy planner, and I'm really happy that I'm stepping outside my comfort zone.  I wanted to share some actual pictures, in case you were wondering what a Plum Large Teacher Planner really looks like.  

Disclaimer - Plum Planner hasn't asked me to share, they aren't giving me anything for these pictures, this is all just me wanting to shout their goodness from the rooftops... I found them when I bought a personal planner on Etsy and have been in love since!

Above is last year's planner from another brand (rainbow), and this year's new planner from Plum Planner (black/white/pink).  It's the same size and thickness.  The other planner has a laminated cover cover, the PP has a laminated cover with the addition of another piece of lamination on top for extra protection.  Both had tons of options to choose from, and both were able to be personalized.    

Inside the months have colors and tabs (just like the other planner - which I love), however in this one the tabs also include the month's lesson plan pages.  A BIG perk was having everything come PREDATED.  I could also choose when I wanted the planner to start... I chose to have July at the beginning since I have trainings at the end of the month, plus I had room to write my summer prep list.

Each month tab has a goal section at the top, room for the student birthdays, reminder sheet, and note page.  

The lesson plan pages run vertical (which will be a transition for me after 16 years of horizontal plans), but I LOVE that it came predated and I was able to customize my subjects/blocks on the left side of the page.  My sections are Math, Language, Reading, Writing, Science/SS, Intervention, and Workshop.  

On the right side of the planner pages, there is a built in weekly list and prep work notepad.  

At the back of the book there are 4 more tabs... these hold Class contact information, Checklists (I'm using as my grade book), Note pages, and To Do Lists.  I took pictures below so you can see them.  I did add more pages into the checklist and to do list sections - this teacher needs room... but it was really cheap to do so for a ton more pages.   

The Checklist pages have 31 lines.  I have 32 students... I was willing to write my 32nd student's name (actually their classroom number) on the bottom section under the lines because it was worth not having to write all the dates and subjects into this planner.  It's the same size as the other spaces.  I'll just write the total amount of points at the top of the page.  It was worth it!   

The To Do List Pages are broken into 4 sections.  They are printed double side.  Thinking of using these pages for my different student groups.

The class information pages have plenty of room as well.  There are a couple of different forms in this section.  

Overall, this planner cost half of what my other planners had cost, even after I added all those extra perks.  I love how they were able to personalize it to fit what I need, and I LOVE that I didn't have to write in a single date or subject.  This company has their own website and is also on Etsy.  I used their website and was able to pay via Paypal (which was really nice).  

I really hope this helped someone.   :)  Have an awesome day!

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