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July 14, 2016

Highlighter Comprehension {Freebie}

Another summer project complete!  

This last school year I expanded my use of highlighters in the classroom.  I've always used different colored markers and pencils to do Rainbow Editing, and for taking notes, but usually I only give my students one single highlighter.  We use it constantly though - during math, during reading, highlighting topic sentences, etc....    This upcoming year I wanted to bring in different colored highlighters to use on a daily basis, to check comprehension, and to make sure the kids are looking carefully at their work.  

The kids always love to use them... I personally think they feel like they are in college when they do... and they really take good care of them.  It's a big discussion at the beginning of the year.  Bumping from a single highlighter per student to six is an investment though.  A big portion of my budget, but it will be worth it.  It makes things easy to grade, and I can check comprehension as I walk around the room.

I made these reminders for my own class - you can see them above. It's all in Black and White, so you can print and then add whatever highlighter colors you own, or you can make multiple copies if you want to highlight one area on a sheet for students to focus on.  That's my plan for the Reading Strategies (why I didn't laminate that one).  These will reside in a stack on my front cart, and I can add the specific sheet to the board when it's time for guided and independent work.  
Check it out on Google Drive.  :)  I hope it helps.  

Hope you have had a wonderful day!  

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