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November 18, 2012

3,2,1 - Week #2

Well I did it!  

Last week I had 3 goals - one personal, one home, one school, and I tackled them all!
I was able to get the paperwork off my desk before vacation started, I was more on top of meal planning, and I made time to take care of me (which meant that new batteries are now in my food scale and on the stationary bike).  I did take the dog for a walk on the days that it was possible, but the days it wasn't I got on the bike.

I had all these fun Thanksgiving activities planned and we did complete almost all of them.  It's exhausting adding so much to an already packed schedule - but I think it's important to have fun in the classroom too.

The thing I wanted to try this past week was using the now!board with my mission booklets.  That didn't work out the way that I had planned.  My projector decided to stop working during a lesson and it threw me for a loop - no now!board, no ladibug...  I told the kids that sometimes we just can't rely on technology so much.  So, we did things the "old fashioned" way - using the whiteboard and markers. :)

So, here's my new list for this coming week...

3 goals

*School goal - I'm on vacation!!!  My goal this week will be to make sure to get all my planning for the "extra" December fun ready to be prepped.

*Home goal - I really want to tackle the cupboards, closets, and toys this week.  We went through the boys closets last weekend, but there are more things to clean out and donate before Christmas.  

*Personal goal - This week I'm just hoping to make good choices with all my favorite Thanksgiving foods.  I love me some turkey and sweet potatoes... hoping that my brain will be thinking as much as my stomach wants to.

2 things I'm looking forward to

*I'm looking forward to family time.  I'm looking forward to having fun with my little boys and getting a chance to make some memories.  9 days of playing and reading and play dough and movie nights and building forts and painting and baking (need to remember to not bake...).

 *The day after Thanksgiving we ALWAYS start decorating for Christmas.  I'm so excited about getting all the decorations out.

1 thing I want to try 

Pumpkin French Toast Bake, Yum!! Great thanksgiving morning recipe!
I want to try making this for Thanksgiving morning.  It's the Pumpkin French Toast Bake from Minimalist Baker.  Of course I saw the picture on Pinterest.  Now I just have to brave the store to go get all the ingredients.   

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