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November 14, 2012

There's an App for that!

Last weekend my phone went a little crazy with the data plan (like my carrier decided to have it jump from 65-90 percent in 2 days when I wasn't using it) and I used it as an excuse to upgrade to a new phone. I know I didn't really need an excuse but to help justify the cost it helped to say this is either my half birthday gift or it's 6 months late...

Anyhow, a new phone made me take a moment (or two) to go through my apps and see what I love, what I tolerate, and what I never use - to which I deleted a bunch.

I now have a little app folder on my front screen that contains all my teaching phone technology stuff and I found even more things that I've added to the mix.
Maybe you already know it but Class Dojo has a free app? I love using it but it wasn't working well on the laptop. At least not when I have so many screens open for all my lessons that I have to have open with the different powerpoints and brainpop and school email and district websites and grade book and and and... You get the point?

So - it's now on my phone and it is a click away from awarding a point.

Other apps that I use on a daily basis...
iPhone Screenshot 1
Super grader - I have the free version
(So simple to figure out percentages)
iPhone Screenshot 1
Brain pop and Brain pop jr.
(Easy to check on something)
iPhone Screenshot 3
Mad libs
(Mainly with my own son to work on parts of speech- sometimes with the school kids)
iPhone Screenshot 3
(Fluency reads)
iPhone Screenshot 1
(Still don't know what to do with the class I set up)
VideoReady2 Introducing the new Animoto iPhone App!
(I know it's to make videos, but I'm still learning...)
iPhone Screenshot 2
Classroom Organizer
(Helps keep my class library organized and what books I own- has a scanner - but it doesn't work normally on Scholastic books)
iPhone Screenshot 1
Common Core standards
(Easy reference)

There are other ones that I also use (like Instagram, notes, etc) 
but those are the basic ones.

Hope this helps someone!


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