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November 1, 2012

Discussing the Election

This afternoon my class discussed the upcoming election.  

I took the advice and information that Kristin from iteach 1:1 
shared the last Sunday.  

1.  We started with a brainstorm about what they already know about next Tuesday.  By just asking the question "What happens next Tuesday, November 6th?" I had half a dozen of different responses - everything from Halloween (really kids?), to Thanksgiving, to a dentist appt., to Veteran's Day... 

2.  Then I shared the Brainpop video that is specifically designed for the Presidential Election.  It discusses how the votes work, that each vote is important.  

4.  I passed out a paper similar to the ones that Kristin shared on her blog to list facts about the candidates, and we used the Elections for Kids website to fill in information about the candidates.  

With all the information available, they tended to keep focusing on their birthdays the most... who was the oldest, youngest, how close in age, etc... 

5.  After we discussed the facts, we turned our attention to another Brainpop video - the one that describes the difference between the parties.  They got a kick out of the animals in the video.

Tomorrow we are starting a brainstorm/roughdraft with the prompt, "If I was president..."  I hope to hear what they think is important to remember as a future president.  I know the prompt is supposed to be for President's Day, but it's rather appropriate this time of year as well - at least this year.  If you click the picture it will take you to the pin, and from there you can get to the real link.  
iTeach had so much other information available, and I hope to incorporate more of it this coming week.

Hope this helps!  

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