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November 6, 2012

Learn Not to Burn - Firemen Visit

We had our second presentation with the firemen today.

I don't know if it's just a district thing, but our 4th graders have to go through a program called Learn Not to Burn.  

The firemen came a couple of weeks ago and we met in a classroom.  They discussed what a fire is really like. That it isn't like the movies.  They spoke about the smoke and what to do.  They told the kids how smoke alarms work, and they were given an assignment to check the smoke alarm at their house. 

They showed the kids how to create an escape plan with their families, and to draw it out as part of their assignment.  They discussed the importance of having a meeting place in their neighbor's front yard.  They gave this assignment packet to the kids where they had to create their escape plan, count the smoke alarms in their house, and show a picture of them testing the alarm, etc.  Those assignment packets were due today and the firemen took them to "grade" them.

Today the firemen came back and they took the kids outside to the truck.  They taught the kids about fire safety and demonstrated the effects of gas, heat, and flame.  The little demonstration house exploded when it came into contact with each other.  I wish I knew how to do video on here, since I recorded it and it was awesome!

One of the guys suited up to show the kids that if they were ever in a fire and needed to be rescued that they can't be scared of the firemen.  He did sound like Darth Vader through the mask, but that was the point.  They wanted the kids to know they should not hide from the guy in a big black suit if there is an emergency.  He started crawling around to show how he moves and reminded them about the smoke factor. 

We ended the presentation with them allowing the students to climb on the truck - in all 3 seats.  The kids pretended to drive.  It was a little nuts but the kids enjoyed every minute.  

Perhaps you also have the firemen come to visit you at school?  Do you have a fire safety program too?

Hope you had a good day!

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