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August 24, 2013

Types of Nouns and Parent Helpers

Saturday mornings are quickly turning into the morning to just sit and breathe.  No need to run around, just spending time with the family - and catching up on the mound of planning, laundry, grading, and cleaning...  

This morning I was reflecting on this past week, how I absolutely still love my math rotations... and how the schedule this week didn't allow as many ELA rotations as I had initially planned... which got me a little behind.  I'm still figuring out how long things take with this group of kids.  

Anyhow, this past week I found out I have created a bunch of the math concept task cards that I need at this moment in time, but when it came to language arts I was lacking.  I wanted some task cards for kids to do to review what we just learned for types of nouns.  Common and Proper are nouns they come in knowing, but learning about Concrete and Abstract is new... so this morning I sat down and made up 32 cards that I am laminating for myself (right now).  

The first 16 cards ask students to identify if the listed noun is a Common or Proper Noun.

The next 16 cards ask them to figure out if the word is a Concrete or Abstract Noun.

Of course there is an answer key because I love my students to have an easy checker at the station. 

What else have I been up to this morning?  Well - all the families in class turned in their Parent Questions Sheets, and there are so many interested parent volunteers for this year.  I'm a little in awe of all the help.  :)  So I've been organizing and planning out in class vs. home help - and emailing the families to get everything set up to start this next week.  

In Class Help:
*working with students - math concepts for struggling students, reading fluency, sight word help, math facts
*prep work: laminating, cutting, folding mini books, separating out Book Orders, inserting reading comprehension sheets into sheet protectors, etc.

Home Help:
*making copies, prepping materials, grading timed math fact tests, grading spelling tests, refilling the water cooler

I am just feeling so thankful for such supportive families and a class of sweet kids.  It really is going to be a great year!     

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