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August 15, 2012

Back To School Night is TONIGHT!

I'm a little nervous about tonight.  I'm not so nervous about talking with the parents because that is on my own turf (so to speak) - though that might change by the time that it's really time to share... it's the part of standing up in front of a packed auditorium at the beginning of the night and having them introduce me that makes my knees fall apart.  Even after all this time... does this feeling ever go away??  

For my two 30 minute speeches that I give my parents I have my Back to School Night packet on the students' desks.  I also have their STAR assessment results, and the Home Connect paperwork ready to go and printed out for each child.  In past years we have had Back to School Night the night before school begins - which then I had so much other stuff... but those items have already been sent home.  I sent home the Parent Questions on the 1st day, but I have extra copies ready so parents can fill it out.  

On the side table and on the whiteboard, I have my helper parent jobs.  I have my desperate plea to become a copy parent, an art docent, a classroom parent helper, a home helper, a water bottle refiller (yes, I know that isn't a word - but I think it should be).  I also have my wish list posted in case parents are interested in what we need.  

Since I have to do my spiel 2 times for a half hour each time, I have a powerpoint that helps guide me through what I need to cover.  It keeps me moving forward and helps me to stay focused.  I don't like others to read to me when the material is up front easy for me to read myself, and I expect my parents appreciate me not reading to them as well.  I save my "read alouds" for my students.  Anyhow, I wanted to share my BTSN powerpoint with you.  This is what will be up on the overhead as I walk through it.  If nothing else maybe it will give you an idea of what to add to your own... or else you can just think of all the things that I don't have on mine.  I know it's pretty basic, but I just add to the basic stuff and give my own details when I talk.  

Of course before I even begin any of this I introduce myself 
and share a little about my history.  

 I think every meeting should have an agenda.
 We also go through the expectations for homework, projects, rubrics, what to expect with bringing books home every week, showing them the texts, typical schedule, etc.  
 I do a big time push for parents to be checking their child's grades online on a weekly or at least biweekly basis.  Even though I send home their assessments every week, I still want no surprises at progress report or report card time.  
 Pretty basic behavior stuff - It's all about keeping the kids responsible for their actions.  
 The kids aren't in the primary grades anymore, it's a big year and just being able to fill in a scantron is SO HARD for some of them.  They can get the question completely correct, but transferring it is a skill in itself.  
 Can you tell that I like to share?  Do any of you have Facebook pages for your class?  I have 2 accounts on there - one is my personal one, and another one is through my school email.  I'm thinking of setting up a page that is invite only for my class families...just a thought though.  Any advice would be great!

 I want to be able to tell their parents about their goal sheets.  

So at the end I tell them all the "fun" stuff that goes along with being in 4th grade, the field trip, the fundraiser, that we love birthdays, the wish list, and the importance of all their support and help.

I hope this helps someone out there!  

P.S. (as of 8/2013) - Last year I was a baby blog and I started emailing this out... it's gotten out of control emailing it (I'm really sorry if I didn't get your email - some have been caught in my spam filter), so I uploaded it to Google Docs as a ppt.  The background was just in my old (don't even have it anymore) computer as a powerpoint slide.  I used LD Elementary as my font, but Century Gothic has the same type of look.    


  1. You have so many good ideas here! Can you send me a copy of the ppt (or keynote) file itself? I will obviously change it to suit my needs, but so much of what you have is perfect!
    Bee Teaches

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  2. Where did you get the graphic of the clip board? I love that and would like to use that in my presentation. I also teach 4th grade and this is a nice, simple presentation.

  3. Using a power point presentation...wonderful! I love the idea.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Is there anyway you could send me your power point?? I would also love to see the forms you sent home. dglennon@ Thanks so much!!

  5. Could you send me your power point too? I am a new teacher and this is awesome!! Thank you!! :)

  6. Would greatly appreciate a copy...
    thank you!

  7. Hi everyone - I have been emailing the powerpoint. If you need it please let me know.

    As for some questions that I have received - the clipboard graphic was just on our mac computer years ago - I didn't buy it, it was just there as an option on powerpoint.

  8. I would love a copy of your ppt! Please send it to Great blog!


  9. I would also love a copy of your PowerPoint. I love that it is so simple but covers so much.

    Thanks!! :)

  10. Hello! You are a genius! I would love a copy of this power point. My email is

  11. I would love a copy of your powerpoint! You did a great job on it:) My email is

  12. I would love a copy of your powerpoint! You did a great job on it:) My email is

  13. I would love a copy of your powerpoint! You did a great job on it:) My email is

  14. Hi! Just buzzed in and I love your presentation. A lot it similar to our team's, but you have some extra things in there I LOVE. My BTS is this Thursday so I spotted this just in time.

  15. Please send to


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