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September 8, 2013

Monday Made It EARLY - Lamination Time

The weekends sure fly by, don't they?!?

Yes, a double post today.  You might not hear from me for a while...

Linking up with Tara to share what I've been up to lately.  I haven't been crafty unless you count laminating.  I haven't even been able to create anything lately (which stinks because I really need to for my own class), more just laminating,cleaning, and grading.

So what have I been laminating today?  
Random Grouping Cards - make groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6!
Random Grouping Cards from Nicholas Reitz (Sweet Rhyme - Pure Reason).  I love to sometimes give my class options for partners, sometimes I need to place them with specific people, and sometimes I just need to mix them up so they aren't always with the same people. 
Class Schedule Cards with Times (editable)
I also decided to post my schedule with times this year for my kids.  Usually I have the subjects written down, but I am tired of the kids asking me how much more time until recess/PE/lunch/etc...  Anyhow, I found this editable version from the Fourth Grade Flipper and decided I needed it NOW.  :)

California Regions I Have...Who has...? Vocabulary Roundab
I've also been getting ready for our big regions week - Friday we will be making our annual Salt Dough Maps.  My class will be using this game from 4th Grade 4ever to help review.  We will also be using my California Regions Research, Writing, and Activity Pack.
California Regions Writing and Activity Pack
Such a busy time of year.  :)  Hope you have a great week!


  1. I double posted today too. now I am good for a month...right?! lol
    Great post.

  2. Awe!! Thank you for the shout out! You will have to send me a picture when you get the cards up in your room. :) My post is full of things I laminated too. I hope that counts as "making" it because it takes a lot of work to find, print, cut, laminate and hang! lol
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Thanks for the shout out for me too! I've definitely had my share of laminating this past month. Not a lot of time to make new things either! I can't wait to get into a groove and have a routine going!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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