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March 5, 2014

A Red and White Hat Celebration

I love my red and white tall hat.  I think about the tissue paper or the plastic grocery bags that I have stuck inside it over the years to make it stand up straight.  

It brings back many memories of teaching Kindergarten and making up Green Eggs and Ham.  Of my students (and my own boys) being grossed out, of me using too much food coloring.  Of feeling sick afterward.

Of teaching 2nd grade and having a read around between the teachers - all the kids on the carpet, and the teachers rotated rooms to read our favorite Dr. Seuss book to the different classes of kids.

I think of the years and years of having a PJ day on our Reading Celebration day.  Of all the blankets, pillows, books, and stuffed animals the kids have brought in and how absolutely silent the kids are when they are engrossed in their books.

I think of reading the Cat and the Hat outloud to my kids, and we come up with examples of figurative language...

I love to have my kids make bookmarks on that day to celebrate Reading out of paint swatches, of passing out yarn to thread through the top of it.

I think of all the red swedish fish and the gummy eggs I have stuck in snack bags for kids to enjoy with some popcorn while they are reading their books, or watching a short Dr. Seuss movie.  

I love celebrating with my students, and this year isn't any different.

We celebrate during the day with them, and tonight I'm celebrating back at school at our Family event.  I get to serve birthday cake and monitor some reading activities. 

 Fun times!  

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