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March 9, 2014

Dollar Deals = Big Savings!!

I should be lesson planning right now... or taking a nap.  Instead I decided to put some highly wish listed items up for major savings.  I have been searching for really good deals, so I'm pretty positive that other people have the same idea.  

These 4 items would normally retail at 13.50, but I have them at $1 each for a limited time (meaning today and tomorrow).  

Here are the links:

Then, I also asked my FB friends for ideas for something that could be 50% off... and they came up with my Sight Word Bundle.  This is marked down to $3.60 for the rest of today.  

Hope you have a restful day!  


  1. Holy deals Batman, is what I would say if I were a wee bit nerdy : )
    I think I may need to do some shopping!

  2. Thanks for the sale!! I went shopping :)


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