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March 19, 2014

I {Heart} Scoot

Today over at Ideas for Jivey, the Workshop Wednesday topic is an idea you absolutely LOVE that you got from someone else.  
Well, I LOVE playing Scoot in my classroom.  I have no actual clue who I saw the idea from 2 years ago though.  It was right after I started reading blogs...  I know I have shared about it before, but lately I have been experimenting with different types of Scoot.  The past couple of years I focused on task cards (mainly in math) and the kids switching it up by scooting to a new spot and practicing the skill on whatever new task card was in front of them.  They still love doing that, but they also love it in other circumstances.  

A few weeks ago my class used our Whole Class Writing Journals to scoot around the classroom, practicing writing on topic and using lots of details.  Every 5 minutes they scooted to a new desk to write on another topic in the spiral notebooks.  

This week we have been working on comparing and contrasting, so I decided to try a Venn Diagram scoot.  

First up, we took a piece of copy paper, folded it into fourths, and then drew 8 Venn Diagrams - one in each rectangle (front and back). Yes, they were on the smaller size - but it was fine for the quick amount of brainstorm they kids were going to do.  On each desk I placed a card with 2 topics.  People, Seasons, Sports, School Supplies, Subjects, etc... and the kids scooted around to 8 different desks brainstorming how those things were alike and different.  When done they turned it in so I could see their thought processes.  They really enjoyed this activity - highly recommend Scoot (especially in the afternoons when the kids are done sitting).  

I'm wondering what else I can use Scoot for... 

4 weeks 1 day until Spring Break!  I'm officially counting!!  :)

Hope you had a great day!  

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  1. Great idea! We had our Spring Break last week. Hopefully, you will have nice weather in 4 weeks.


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