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March 6, 2014

Relating Fractions to Decimals

Decimal Scoot Game {Task Cards}
This week my class started relating fractions to decimals.  We used these task cards from Joanne Miller (Head Over Heels for Teaching) to kick off the transition.  

We first spent a day using some of the cards under the document camera, going through and writing the fraction (which they were familiar with) and the decimal (which was a new concept).  They got it pretty easy.  

Today we used the entire batch of cards to play Scoot - only another version than the typical Scoot.  I just had my kids fold paper to make their task card Answer Sheets (16 boxes on front, 16 on the back), and then I passed out the cards on the desks. As you can see above, I labeled the whiteboard to show the kids the first 16 denominators (for my strugglers).  The final 16 they needed to figure it out themselves.  

The cards were passed out on desks, and instead of telling them to scoot at specific times I gave them 15 minutes to get as many done as possible.  This kept everyone moving as quickly as they could, and they were focused.  They didn't have to go in order, they just had to keep moving.  When they finished (many finished before 15 minutes were up), they kept their paper and went to quietly sit at their desks.  Once time was called, we reviewed the cards together and students corrected their answer sheets (we correct using pens so I can see how well they did and how many they accomplished).  

Now, I didn't laminate the cards, just printed them out because before we turned them in I had the kids write both the fraction and decimal on the card that was on their desk.  This I used as an assessment piece (like an exit ticket).  

Hope you had a great day!  

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  1. Great! I love when kids understand that fractions and decimals can represent the same values : )
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher


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