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March 27, 2014

Poetry, Oh Poetry!

My class has been focusing on descriptions A LOT lately!  We are living, breathing examples, descriptions, and tons of adjectives.  I wanted to do something FUN and create something that can go toward the big pile of Open House stuff (at this point it really is a HUGE pile of stuff - different post).  

This was one of those items I picked up in the Educents Poetry Bundle.  
Poetry Journals for Students! Directions and Examples for

Pinkadots Elementary had a complete Poetry Journal Pack included in the bundle.  Pages and pages of different poetry templates, I chose 4 of them, they did it one per day this past week.

Today was the put-it-together day.  I passed out a file folder and then we had a passing out paper party with all the different templates.  They glued in the Bio Poem, I am Poem, Acrostic Poem, and Color Poem.  Those were the four I chose to stick inside the folder.  I have more options for later on this year, but those I will be completing full page (instead of 1/2).

Yep, when I prepped the material I copied them 2 per page.  Shrinking them worked beautifully!  Still plenty of room for the kiddos to write.

Now in the middle of the kids gluing up and finishing their folders, we had our District Instructional Tours stop by to visit.  The Head of Curriculum, Assistant Superintendent, and another principal walked through the door and were admiring all my kiddos hard work!  Great activity.  :)   

Seriously, if you teach Poetry and Figurative Language I HIGHLY recommend this pack!  LOVE the activities.  

Hope you had a great day!  

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  1. Hi Emily! I LOVE how you used file folders and copied the templates on 1/2 sheets. You are the queen of creativity and saving paper. I'm so happy your kids loved the poetry journal as much as mine did! I can't wait to hear how the parents love their piles to look through at open house!

    Pinkadots Elementary


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