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March 26, 2014

Figurative Language Partner Review {Using Task Cards}

Today my kids did another activity with Figurative Language.  I used the task cards from Pinkadots Elementary and got my kids into groups.  Each pair of kids got a sheet of task cards (just printed on copy paper) and they had to solve those 4 questions.  We went over the meanings of the different types of figurative language one more time and then they were off.  
50 Figurative Laguage Task/Flash Cards, Partner, Small Gro
The directions I gave them were to not only figure out if the answer was A, B, or C - they also needed to underline the part of the sentence that proved that specific figurative language.  Some of them were tricky (and higher level thinking) because it could have been one or another!    

  Afterward they put their names on their papers, I collected, and then we used the document camera to review full class.  I love being able to just print and go - sometimes kids really do need to write on the materials.      

This product is a part of the Educents Poetry Bundle.  11 downloads for only $10.99 - It was a great deal (even though I already owned some of the products).  Saved me money picking up the remaining ones!  

Now you might be wondering why I picked up this bundle since I also have figurative language task cards in my store - also multiple choice.  I tend to use mine at the end of our unit as an assessment tool.  It's always nice having different resources that I can use pre, during, and post.  :)    

Figurative Language Task Cards (Multiple Choice)

Hope you had a great day!  Linking this up with Jivey!  I know her linky is talking about poetry, but figurative language goes hand in hand with it.  We have to teach how to make the words come alive.  It totally makes sense to me with the connection!  

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