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March 11, 2014

Index Cards = Puzzles

Today my class needed to review the connection between fraction and decimals, and ordering/comparing decimals.  

When they came in from recess the kids had 3 index cards and a pair of scissors on their desks.  I had them cut the index cards in half to make 6 smaller rectangles/squares.  

From there they wrote a fraction on the left and the corresponding decimal on the right of the cards.  We made mixed numbers as well since that's an area we have been working on.  

 We then made the puzzle pieces - my students cut the fractions and decimals apart in a manner that only those 2 pieces would fit together.  

Then it was time to play!!
My student matching the fractions and decimals pairs.
The first "game" we played involved them taking their cards and finding a partner.  They exchanged the cards and had to match the fractions and decimals together.  When done, they took their own pile of cards, found another partner, and kept switching stacks of cards until time was called.  
My student ordering the decimals.

After that, we started in on today's lesson - which involved them separating out the fractions and decimals (fractions in one pile, and decimals in another).  We didn't use the fraction pieces, but the decimals needed to be placed from least to greatest on their desk.  They played a Scoot game with them, and when they were put in the correct order they scooted to another desk (mixing up the pieces before they scooted).  It was good practice for the rest of our lesson.  

I love it when math can be hands on!  
Linking up with Math Monday and Tried it Tuesday with this simple idea!  

Making puzzles can be so easy and can cover many different subjects - vocabulary cards, cause and effect, sequencing a story, etc...  Try it!  

Hope this helped.  :)  



  1. This is great. My kiddos are looking at me like I have two heads when we talk about decimals. This will certainly be something we use to practice.
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade

  2. This is awesome, Emily! I have never thought to try this, but you're right! They can be used for just about anything. Thanks for linking up!:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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