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June 13, 2015

Do You Need A DATE?

Do you have to teach Red Ribbon week activities to your kids?  Does your district give you curriculum or do you have to come up with your own?  In my district we have a list of things that the kids need to learn, but at present no curriculum that matches that list.  Every year I have my kids do these activities to build awareness, and every year I wish I would finally just make them neat and tidy into a print and go pack... Ta-Da!  My wish is granted!  

This is my newest product over in my store, my DATE Lessons and Activities.  Pack full of lesson ideas and student activities, these 7 lessons are engaging and will get your kids learning how to make good choices that will impact their lives.  

*Mini Book Pages
*Lesson Ideas
*Teacher Fact Papers
*Brainstorm Pages
*Exit Slips
*Student Activities
and more!!
Presently it's on sale!  

Okay, I'm done now with my product placement.  I hope it helps you as well!  

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