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June 8, 2015

Monday Made It: Roots, Workshop, Drugs, and Dryers

It's once again time to link up to Tara's Monday Made It Linky.  Every week it keeps me working on those projects instead of waiting until the last minute in August.  I'm one of those a-little-at-a-time type of girls.  

Monday Made It #1 - Spelling Roots Word Cards

This next year I'm switching to a root based spelling program (courtesy of LadyBug Teacher Files).  Our standards changed, and it's imperative that we add roots in some way.  :)  Included in her pack she has differentiated spelling lists, a root student dictionary (already printed off in the students' classroom folders), and 4 per sheet root cards.  I chose to print the BW version since I need to save my ink, and printed 4 of those sheets per page - so 16 cards total per page.  Then I cut them out, and fit 20 cards per card stock before laminating.  I started cutting the cards out, but realized it would be easier to find the specific card if they were still somewhat attached. These will be going on our word wall to help remember what we have completed this year.  

Monday Made It #2 - Workshop Reminder Rings

I shared this freebie the other day - it's my new FB Fan Freebie, now I have gone to the next step of printing these off on card stock (4 per page), laminating, cutting them apart, and using a binder ring to attach together.  The freebie has other sheets as well, but I mainly wanted the Workshop Checklist, the MATH Checklist, and the Daily 6 Checklist.  Right now I have 1 in. Binder Rings to hold them together (since it's what I had at home), but I think I'm going to switch to 1/2 in. ones when I get to a store.  

Monday Made It #3 - Drug and Tobacco Lessons for Red Ribbon Week

Every year we are required to teach Drug and Tobacco Education to our students as part of Red Ribbon Week.  I have added to those lessons and created my own over the years to help make it personal for the kids.  Usually I have the kids create their own mini books to record the information, but I've been finally getting around to typing what I do (exit slips, matching games, brainstorming posters, mini notebook pages, etc.) to make it easier.  It's almost complete!  

Monday Made It #4 - A Decision about the Dryer

This last one is completely home related.  We've lived in this house for 12 years.  Since we've moved in we've added 3 little boys that make a lot of mess.  Our 9 year old dryer was only drying 1 in 3 loads the past month, everything else was a mixture of damp clothes, to which I had to hang up all over the house (up and down the banister, in doorways, over dining room chairs, etc). We had a warranty on it, so we were making appointments left and right to try to fix it... but to no avail.  :)  I'd like to welcome you to my new dryer.  Isn't it pretty!?!  It is huge and it works.  That truly is the best part.

Well that's it for me (at least for the moment).  What have you done this week? 

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  1. If you have three little definitely need a dryer that's dependable! Have a great summer!

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