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June 30, 2015

Two for Tuesday: June 30th

Hi everyone!  It's summer... the best time to scoop up those TPT deals!  Joining up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher to share 2 products that are 50% off today only!  50% off?  Yep!  

These 2 are my most wish listed products in my store... my Rainbow Edit pack, and my Whole Class Writing Journal bundle.  What exactly are they?

Here are some of them.  
I shared about my Whole Class Writing Journals 3 years ago during a Monday Made It.  These 40+ covers are glued onto spiral notebooks, and then students chose which journal to write in.  They write their name on the top of the entry, and put the journal back into the basket for others to read and write in.  I contribute these journals to starting friendships in my classroom, as the kids share and learn about each other.  It has been a way for students to start conversations, and help the class bond together.  It's also a very easy activity to prep, and a very easy activity for students to complete when they are finished with their assigned tasks.  I personally have my students do these journals when they are finished with their writing assignment for the week, and it's a station/option for Work on Writing. During silent reading students also have a chance to read entries and write compliments to fill buckets.  

An anchor chart that my class makes every August.  

Rainbow Edit... Oh, how I love Rainbow Edit.  This is another thing that I could NOT live without.  Every year my students have to complete a district writing test (we used to also have a state writing test).  They have to show their comprehension of basic conventions.  Every year in August I start teaching my kids how to Rainbow Edit, and every year they learn how to look closely at their writing.  We start the year with a bunch of 1 and 2's on the rubric, and end up with 3's and 4's.  Kids learn to make their rough drafts colorful, and it is amazing at the results.

Both of these are 50% off today.  I hope they help you!  

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  1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for linking up with your great products! Hope to see you again next time. ;-)


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